2020 Festival

Archived: Shorts Block II

Cost: $5
Tickets: at the door only
Location: 500 N. Capitol Ave.

Dart Auditorium / 500 N Capitol Ave, Lansing MI 48933

Short Film

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“Red” is a drama set in Texas about a young African-American woman named Red, with flaming red hair and fiery ways. The story begins with Red and her beloved grandmother, Mother Mabel, who confesses that when she dies, she wants to be “buried in her fur coat’. It is Mother Mabel’s most valuable possession, earned after a lifetime of “scrubbing white folks floors to get it.” Later, Red returns home to her charismatic lover, Charles, whom she adores. They laugh away Mabel’s request, until Red’s father informs her that Mother Mabel has passed away. It is time for Red to bury her grandmother in the treasured fur. However, trouble arises when the coat comes up missing, as well as Red’s lover, Charles. As the funeral procession begins, Red must find that coat and reclaim all that is rightfully hers.

Channing Godfrey Peoples / 2013 / 21 minutes / English / USA

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Star Struck

Starstruck is a tale about a sad, lonely boy named Kevin Welliger.

As a child Kevin was involved in a freak accident that left him with meteorite lodged in his head. The meteorite is both a gift and a curse. The gift being super intelligence due to the meteorite pushing into a part of Kevin’s brain, causing it to awaken. However it has left him disfigured (the curse) making him a freak and an outcast amongst society.

The story takes place during very dark and depressing times for Kevin. As he matures into his late teens, he has no friends and wonders what’s the point in existing in such a hateful world. As he contemplates ending his life, he gets some profound advice from an unlikely source, along with meeting a peculiar girl who sees beauty where others can’t.

Charles Ward / 2013 / 21 minutes / English / Australia

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The Secret Keeper

Repression and judgment would be unbearable if it were not for The Secret Keeper. This strange, almost religious figure is spoken of in hushed tones and only amongst the closest of friends. When something burns inside the soul, a visit to The Secret Keeper can relieve the darkness. She frees the people from guilt and shame and allows them to appear to be just like everyone else. The experience of sitting with a Secret Keeper is something like a cross between a church confessional and a full-release massage parlor. Not that the experience itself is sexual, but the release affords the client intense pleasure and freedom from whatever weighs them down. The Secret Keeper ‘guards’ the experience for them, away from the prying eyes of others, and stores it with their guilt, guilt that only exists because of the tastes of society. A Secret Keeper never judges, never advises, never encourages, only allows.

Vanessa and Peter plan to run away together, but Vanessa knows how society will judge Peter’s abandoned wife. She starts to second-guess their intentions. A trip to The Secret Keeper is all it will take to allow her to go through with their affair and flight with stolen money. Unfortunately for Vanessa, what she doesn’t know is that the only Secret Keeper in her town also happens to be married to her lover.

Bears Fonte / 2012 / 17 minutes / English / USA

The Secret Keeper (Trailer - 1 minute) from Bears Fonte on Vimeo.

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It’s the end of the world, and everything must go. John is trapped in a city that is bleeding to death. In the struggle for shelter he takes a chance on a derelict estate, knowing that he could be walking into an ambush. A hunted man, out of supplies and far from help, John must act now to avoid certain death in the perilous night.

Zac Moss / 2013 / 5 minutes / English / United Kingdom

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The Island of Strange

‘The Island of Strange’ is a historical documentary about Beaver Island, Michigan. In the 1850s, Beaver Island was the location of America’s only legal monarchy. The self-proclaimed king, James Jesse Strang, settles his group of Mormon followers on Beaver Island in order to escape the harassment bestowed upon the Mormons–however, Strang’s reign on Beaver Island is anything but typical. The story of King James Strang is one that includes greed, deception, passionate love, polygamy, piracy, and, of course, murder.

This film uncovers the metamorphosis of Beaver Island as a result of King Strang and his followers’ time on the Island. Beaver Island transforms into a far more civilized place as the Strangites build roads and better architecture, improve agriculture, and make a generous income due to lumbering and ship refueling/restocking. These changes make King Strang very powerful—and a threat to the welfare of the United States. President Fillmore plans to “put out” the Beaver Island ruckus and sends Strang to Federal court. However, Strang wins his own battle in court and returns to his people officially as King of Beaver Island.

A couple of disgruntled followers, believed to be assassins arranged by Federal forces, attack King Strang. Mortally wounded, Strang abandons his followers and dies on the mainland. The Island inhabitants previous to King Strang soon reclaim their far-improved home on Beaver Island.

Amanda Trudell / 2013 / 19 minutes / English / USA

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Person #74

Due to actions of the Service of Personality and Consciousness’ Correction humanity is no longer threatened by wars and global disasters. Officers, who assess the likely future, change the personality of people. Thus they break the chain of events which lead to the consequences that are dangerous for mankind.

Lisa and Dan are a happy couple, they are deep love with each other. But at the very moment when Dan is going to propose to Lisa, he is taken to the Service of Personality and Consciousness’ Correction where his memories about Lisa get totally erased. ​Trying to understand what happened, Lisa finds out that Dan was to be the cause of the war in future. To bring him back means to condemn the whole world to suffering. Should she back off for the sake of the humanity, or should she fight for their love no matter what? This is the main question that Lisa will have to answer…

Igor Reno / 2013 / 27 minutes / Russian / Russia

The Person #74 :: Trailer from Le Roi Studio on Vimeo.

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Stand-by Me

Retired Willem is behaving strangely these days. Instead of spending quality time with his long-suffering wife Johanna, he insists on showing her how to use all the electrical appliances around the house. Especially the remote control. A short tragicomedy about enjoying the small things in life.

Martijn de Jong / 2013 / 8 minutes / Dutch / Netherlands