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  • Star Struck

Star Struck

2013 / Australia / 21 Minutes / Charles Ward

Film Synopsis

Starstruck is a tale about a sad, lonely boy named Kevin Welliger.

As a child Kevin was involved in a freak accident that left him with meteorite lodged in his head. The meteorite is both a gift and a curse. The gift being super intelligence due to the meteorite pushing into a part of Kevin’s brain, causing it to awaken. However it has left him disfigured (the curse) making him a freak and an outcast amongst society.

The story takes place during very dark and depressing times for Kevin. As he matures into his late teens, he has no friends and wonders what’s the point in existing in such a hateful world. As he contemplates ending his life, he gets some profound advice from an unlikely source, along with meeting a peculiar girl who sees beauty where others can’t.