2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the 2024 Capital City Film Festival! Volunteers are a crucial part to the success of CCFF. Volunteers are the face of the festival and will often be the first (and sometimes only) person to interact with patrons. Outlined below are volunteer role descriptions and other FAQ details that will help you be a CCFF rockstar.

CCFF Volunteer FAQs

Where can I sign up to volunteer?

This year we have a new process for volunteers:

FIRST: Check out our convenient Volunteer Training Video that will give you all the information about this year’s festival and what to expect. As usual, a huge amount of fun is ahead!

Training Video

SECOND: Once you’ve watched the video, take this short quiz with just a few questions to make sure that you got the most important information:

Select Shift After –> Quiz

THIRD: After you submit the quiz, you’ll see the Signup link in the “thanks for submitting the quiz” message from Google Forms. You can then sign up for as many shifts as you want!


ALWAYS: Leave your email address to the right to receive ongoing communications about volunteering with us.

Can I volunteer with a group?

Absolutely! Let’s chat more. Email Volunteer Coordinator Zee Simons.

What do I get for volunteering?

In addition to our gratitude, you’ll get a cool t-shirt ($15 value) and a FREE all-access pass ($50 value) that gets you into all festival events. You heard that right: volunteering = free festival pass. (Whoa! What a deal.) You’ll also get a snack and drink on us.

What kind of work is available during the festival?

Exact assignments will be given upon arrival at the venue at the start of your shift.

Ticketing & Pass Check-In: Volunteers will sell passes and individual movie tickets to people who come in the door. Volunteers will also check in those who have pre-purchased tickets and passes.

Information Table: Volunteers will be seated at the main entrance and will be the first to greet patrons. Some responsibilities will include advising festival-goers about the schedule, answering questions about the festival, selling merchandise, and offering other information as requested.

Floater: This position is flexible and requires a volunteer that may be able to jump between any of the different spots listed here depending on need throughout their shift. Some areas may need extra help to move patrons through at rush times. You may also fill in for a position that has to be covered because of no-show volunteer. Floaters at Sears this year may be required to be present in the art exhibit to ensure patrons are respecting the art. You will be given various assignments during your shift from your venue captain.

Ushers: Some festival events will require ushers to help seat patrons. Ushers may also provide general festival information.

Line Management/Crowd Control: Volunteers will work in the venue lobbies to manage any lines that may form and help people with any questions.

Setup & Teardown Champions: Volunteers will help with the setup and the cleanup of venues, getting them ready for the next event. This involves a range of duties including carrying boxes, tidying up tables and chairs, etc. Some of these shifts may be later in the night.

Concessions: Volunteers will bring smiles to faces with concession offerings! Some responsibilities may include sales of food and beverage, cleanup/setup, and taking inventory. Be prepared for more standing than sitting. (Note that alcoholic beverages will be available).

Rentals & Inventory: Volunteers will help manage, order, organize and transport stock to venues. This may include promotional materials (advertising, banners, etc.), managing concessions (food, drink), venue kits (materials used by shift volunteers), venue equipment rentals, etc. These efforts will not interface with the public and will require organizational skills, attention to details, and independent thinking.

If you have other ideas on how you might like to contribute to the success of this year’s festival, reach out to us.

Do I need to be a certain age to volunteer?

Yes, you must be 16 years of age or older to volunteer. Volunteers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and job options may be limited.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! You are not required to wear a CCFF shirt.

What should I bring with me?

You may bring your own water or non-alcoholic beverages with you. If you sign up for a longer shift, consider bringing a food with you. We cannot guarantee a secure area for you to store personal belongings, so do not bring any valuables or large/bulky items. You should plan to bring only what you can fit in your pockets or a small bag. Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off or silenced during film screenings.

Please remember!

The festival’s success depends on volunteers! To be courteous to other volunteers, we ask that you arrive ON TIME for your shift(s). If you can’t make it to your committed shift for any reason, please email Zee as soon as possible.