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  • The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper

2012 / USA / 17 Minutes / Bears Fonte

Film Synopsis

Repression and judgment would be unbearable if it were not for The Secret Keeper. This strange, almost religious figure is spoken of in hushed tones and only amongst the closest of friends. When something burns inside the soul, a visit to The Secret Keeper can relieve the darkness. She frees the people from guilt and shame and allows them to appear to be just like everyone else. The experience of sitting with a Secret Keeper is something like a cross between a church confessional and a full-release massage parlor. Not that the experience itself is sexual, but the release affords the client intense pleasure and freedom from whatever weighs them down. The Secret Keeper ‘guards’ the experience for them, away from the prying eyes of others, and stores it with their guilt, guilt that only exists because of the tastes of society. A Secret Keeper never judges, never advises, never encourages, only allows.

Vanessa and Peter plan to run away together, but Vanessa knows how society will judge Peter’s abandoned wife. She starts to second-guess their intentions. A trip to The Secret Keeper is all it will take to allow her to go through with their affair and flight with stolen money. Unfortunately for Vanessa, what she doesn’t know is that the only Secret Keeper in her town also happens to be married to her lover.

The Secret Keeper (Trailer - 1 minute) from Bears Fonte on Vimeo.