2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI


The CAPITAL CITY FILM FESTIVAL (CCFF) celebrates artists from around the world by curating outstanding multimedia experiences for the community. The annual festival showcases an eclectic mix of independent films, live music, interactive media, and more in Michigan’s capital city. The 2024 Capital City Film Festival will take place April 10-20 in several venues across Lansing. To stay connected on CCFF events and festival announcements, subscribe on the right to receive emails.

Festival Recap

Check out this recap of the festival to see what we’re all about.

Festival Crew

Dominic Cochran

  • Founding Director

Payal Ravani

  • Executive Director

Emma Selby

  • Festival Director

William r Corbett

  • Co-Program Director

Jason Gabriel

  • Co-Program Director

Austin Howard

  • Production Director

Camron Gnass

  • Creative Director

Audrey Matusz

  • Music Director

Zee Simons

  • Volunteer Coordinator

Julie Huston

  • Front-of-House Manager

"Yoshi" Josh Michels

  • Communications

Peter Johnston

  • Documentary Programmer

Board of Directors

Nicole Szymczak

  • President

Camron Gnass

  • Vice President

Samantha Le

  • Secretary

Lesley Nashef

  • Treasurer

Payal Ravani

  • At-Large

Dominic Cochran

  • Ex-Officio

Jason Gabriel

  • Ex-Officio


The Capital City Film Festival strives to make all events as financially accessible as possible for our community. To gain entry to the 40+ events, you can purchase an all-access pass for just $50. Film screenings and concerts range from $5-$10 and most tickets can be purchased at the door only unless otherwise noted on the schedule. For more details, check out the ATTEND page.


We need you! Check out the VOLUNTEER page.


CCFF uses several venues across Lansing, Michigan, for film screenings, concerts, and special events. Watch our VENUES MAP page for 2024 festival venue details.


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