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Archived: Valhalla

Valhalla is brought to you at the Capital City Film Festival by NuWave Technology Partners and Menna’s Joint
FREE screening! MICHIGAN premiere!
Location: 2500 S. Washington Ave.

*Alcohol offered at this event

Lansing Public Media Center / 2500 S Washington Ave, Lansing MI 48910

Narrative Feature, Short Film

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Valhalla is the tale of one man’s search to rediscover the freedom of his youth. Feeling the distant heat of its fire still burning in the mountains of the frozen north, he goes in search of those tending the flame—the untamed, the wild, and the outcast dwelling on the fringe. Weaving narrative-driven style with award-winning, face-melting backcountry ski and snowboard cinematography; Valhalla is a vivid explosion of color, character, snow, and nostalgic soul.

Nick Waggoner / 2013 / 64 minutes / English / USA

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Straight Down Low

A classic murder mystery set on the gang-ruled streets of Brookside, CA. A student moonlighting as a gumshoe investigates a local murder for an old flame who’s convinced her thug boyfriend is innocent of the crime, despite all evidence to the contrary. Which would be just fine for the student, if he could shake the nagging feeling she might be right. Now he’s in a race against time and the impenetrable virtues of gangland to stop a war that everyone, including the man whose life he’s trying to save, seems to want.

Zach Wechter / 2013 / 25 minutes / English / USA