2020 Festival

Archived: Shorts Block I

Cost: $5
Tickets: at the door only
Location: 2500 S. Washington Ave.

*Alcohol offered at this event

Lansing Public Media Center / 2500 S Washington Ave, Lansing MI 48910

Music Video, Short Film

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Derniers Recours (Last-Ditch)

Slimane leaves the office for foreign students. He comes to learn that the renewal his residence permit was refused. His friend Mehdi has a solution: a marriage of convenience. He said that money is not a problem. Slimane must agree to work with him in his illegal business and may well repay what this wedding will cost. Slimane refuses at first, but when he sees his boss manhandling and his situation worsening, he will have doubts about these convictions. Will he give in to temptation?

Mahi BENA / 2013 / 18 minutes / French with English subtitles / France

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If We Were Adults

When Mitch and Izzy learn of their best friend’s engagement, they become the last unmarried couple. Out of spite and a little booze, they decide to take the plunge, and what they find is downright frightening.

Michael Fitzgerald / 2013 / 21 minutes / English / USA

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Old Town

On the North end of Michigan’s Capitol City lies a small stretch of heaven that has been gaining more and more popularity every year. This documentary features interviews with business owners, city planners, and residents. The video highlights the towns background, the community that took nearly a decade to build it, and the businesses that keep it thriving.

Andrew Heinz / 2013 / 3 minutes / English / USA

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Sheltered Love

Rick and Judy are hopelessly lost in the throes of young love, much to the chagrin of Judy’s Dad. After a brief confrontation outside his house, Judy’s Dad forbids Rick from seeing his daughter again. However, later that night, Rick sneaks Judy out of the house and finds an unorthodox place for a secret romantic rendezvous: her family’s nuclear fallout shelter. But when Judy’s Dad discovers them canoodling, he realizes that he must resort to extreme measures to put an end to the romance once and for all.


Alex Italics / 2014 / 9 minutes / English / USA

"Sheltered Love" OFFICIAL TRAILER from Alex Italics on Vimeo.

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The Coin

We do good things and bad things. Sometimes we do whatever it takes to get what we want. Sometimes we take something for granted. And there are other times when we give without expecting in return. This story is a journey of a coin in one day. Which travels hand to hand from people to people with different purposes and stories. A representation of human emotional behavior.

Albert Sindutomo / 2013 / 7 minutes / English / Australia

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Where the Red Fox Lies

What would happen if a person really did suffer from spontaneous combustion?

While this film does contain elements of horror, suspense, fantasy and sci-fi, at its core, Where the Red Fox Lies is an emotional drama about two sisters trying to reconnect and mend their fractured relationship.

Starring the extremely talented Rebekah Downs, Akasha Banks Villalobos & Brian Villalobos, the goal of this short film is to find real, honest moments between people who find themselves in increasingly fantastical situations.

Jeff Ray / 2013 / 36 minutes / English / USA

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Zombie Nation

Today’s society is a society hostile. Especially if you are a zombie. To avoid being lynched, he regularly goes to work, disguises as a man as well as he can and tries to behave discreetly. Not so easy when you decay and bleed at every nook and corner…

Sebastian Harrer / 2013 / 7 minutes / English / Germany