2022 Festival

Science of Cinema

This event is generously sponsored by PNC Foundation.

CCFF and Impression 5 Science Center are teaming up to bring you Science of Cinema, a day of exploring the motion and creation of movies! Science of Cinema includes a pop-up theater showing family-friendly animated and live action short films, a cardboard TV and zoetrope activities, and a stop motion workshop for kids of all ages to participate in.

Science of Cinema runs from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Regular Impression 5 Science Center admission rates apply to enter anything other than the pop-up theater. Visit their website for details.

Impression 5 Science Center / 200 Museum Dr, Lansing MI 48933

Animation, Documentary Short, Drama, Experimental, Narrative Short, Sci-Fi, Short Film

Film Information

Changyou's Journey

A cancer-stricken father reminisces his life through the animation film by his young son.

Perry Chen / 2018 / 6 minutes / English / United States

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Lemon & Elderflower

Two sibling hummingbirds have to build different inventions in order to solve their “big” problem: to take flight with other birds.

Ilenia Cotardo / 2017 / 3 minutes / English / Italy

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Good Boy

A hopeful man goes on a blind date with the women of his dreams expecting to have the best night of his life. Things seem to be going perfect, until the night take an unexpected turn.

Rachel Beltran, Nicole Myers / 2018 / 7 minutes / English / United States

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The Astronaut's Journal

“Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.”

― Stanisław Lem, Solaris

Marina Belikova / 2018 / 5 minutes / English / Germany