2020 Festival


Tickets for this concert may be purchased in advance here or at the door. This show is all ages.
*PLEASE NOTE: The headlining act will perform at 9:30 PM

The Loft / 414 E Michigan Ave, Lansing MI 48933 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $15

Folk, Punk, Rock

Artist Information


AJJ, formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, is a folk punk band originating from Phoenix, Arizona that is comprised of Sean Bonnette, vocals and guitarist, and Ben Gallaty, bassist. Incorporating macabre themes to folk tunes, AJJ knows their sound and continues to introduce new directions in every album release. Their latest album, The Bible 2, came out in 2016 to much acclaim. Consequence of Sound has described the “lyrics and themes” as “always the most compelling aspect of their work.”

Artist Information

Jason Alarm Bio

Jason Alarm is a rock group based in Lansing, Michigan. The group released their first album Piling It On in 2016. The album features David Birdsall on Keys/Synth, Pat Hogan on Bass, Kirk Mason on Drums, Alex Rosendall on Guitar and Matt Waterman on Guitar and vocals. The group is made up a bunch of friends that have written the following on their band autobiography, “formed by lifelong best friends back in high school. played a lot. recorded a little. broke up. back together forever and ever.”

Artist Information

Rent Strike Bio

Lansing natives, Rent Strike, are self proclaimed as nihilistic folk-rot and have already performed amongst the likes of Complainer and AJJ. From banjos to washboards, Rent Strike has played around Michigan for a couple of years. This year, the band will be playing Stoop Fest and BLED FEST.