2022 Festival

American Film Institute Shorts Showcase [FREE]

*DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE* The American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women (DWW) is a hands-on film training program that educates and mentors its participants. Increasing the number of women working professionally in screen directing is the primary goal of this tuition-free program. All of the dynamic short films in this block are directed by women who are DWW alumnae. This event is free of charge at the 2018 Capital City Film Festival.

The Fledge Lansing / 1300 Eureka St, Lansing MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: FREE

Short Film

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The Good Time Girls

In the Wild West, a trio of female vigilantes seek revenge against the gang of outlaws that ruined their lives.

Courtney Hoffman / 2017 / 15 minutes / English / USA

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Joy Joy Nails

Behind well-varnished facades, in upmarket strip malls, the Korean-run nail salon has become a staple of suburban privilege in the Tri-State area. But under the polish, everyone’s a victim at JOY JOY NAILS.

Joey Ally / 2017 / 19 minutes / Korean / USA

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Scarlett-Angelina is a little girl who knows how to take care of herself, much to the dismay of the small-time crook who kidnaps her.

Loretta Bayle / 2017 / 10 minutes / English / USA

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Hail Mary Country

Macho Grandmother Irene Dandy has to defend her family of football fanatics when they are robbed by Nora (VERA CHERNY), a cocky thief with a posse of men in Speedos.

Tannaz Hazemi / 2017 / English / USA

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*DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE* In turn of the century in Japan, a young girl sacrifices her freedom in order to save her sick father, but soon finds herself entangled in a disturbing metamorphosis as she begins to transform into a silkworm moth.

Maggie Mahrt / 2017 / 13 minutes / English / USA

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I See You

A suicide bomber struggles with his decision on a crowded subway after he meets an innocent child and realizes the notion of the enemy isn’t that simple.

Manjari Makijany / 2017 / 10 minutes / English / USA