2022 Festival

(Canceled) Current Joys

Tickets for this concert may be purchased in advance here or at the door. This show is all ages.
*PLEASE NOTE: The headlining act will perform at 9:30 PM

Mac’s Bar / 2700 E. Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $10


Artist Information

Current Joys Bio

Current Joys is the enigmatic solo project of 25-year-old Henderson, Nevada-born songwriter Nicholas Rattigan. In addition to his minimal two-piece band with Jacob Rubeck, Surf Curse, Rattigan has been releasing a prolific catalog of heart-wrenching no wave ballads via Bandcamp under a handful of names (including The Nicholas Project and Tele/Visions), eventually choosing Current Joys as the permanent moniker, based on a song by folk-artist Liam the Younger of the same name. His newest release, A Different Age, documents the process of making art and the desire to create it sincerely in an era fraught with extreme irony, apathy, and nostalgia. Ripe with many of the emotions and conflicts that have influenced Rattigan’s songwriting in the past, A Different Age contains some of his most poetic lyrics and thoughtful arrangements to date.

Artist Information

Stefanie Haapala Bio

Stefanie Haapala is a local singer-songwriter based in Michigan. Stefanie has performed at Fusion Shows 10th Birthday this past January and at StoopFest 2017. Stefanie shares on her Facebook bio that “But beneath the freckles, I am a storyteller. I want to make this music. And I hope, that somehow, you will find these songs in the corner of your room.”

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Frankie & Myrrh Bio

Originating from Grand Rapids, the Michigan-based band have been called indie-rock and psychedelic groove. The quartet started playing together a couple of years ago and are currently recording demo tracks that are to be released in the upcoming year.