2020 Festival

Archived: Whitewash

MICHIGAN premiere!
Cost: $5
Tickets: at the door only
Location: 2500 S. Washington Ave.

*Alcohol offered at this event

Lansing Public Media Center / 2500 S Washington Ave, Lansing MI 48910

Narrative Feature, Short Film

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In the harsh, wintry woods of rural Quebec, Bruce, a down-on-his-luck snowplow operator, accidentally kills a man during a drunken night joyride. Stricken with panic, he hides the body and takes to the deep wilderness in hopes of outrunning both the authorities and his own conscience. But as both begin to close in, Bruce falls apart mentally and morally and mysteries unravel to reveal who he was before the accident, the truth behind his victim, and the circumstances that brought them together in a single moment.

Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais / 2013 / 90 minutes / English / Canada

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Friendships can get tangled.

Jason Gabriel / 2014 / 4 minutes / English / USA