2020 Festival

Archived: Flint Eastwood w/ Decades, Squirrel Shaped Fish & The MS80

Cost: $10
Tickets: presale & at the door
Location: 2700 E. Michigan Ave.

*Alcohol offered at this event

Mac’s Bar / 2700 E. Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Alternative, Indie, Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock, Punk, Rock

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Flint Eastwood Bio

The foursome’s sound is a Frankensteined cohesion of parts one might think jarring conceptually, merging electronic dance beats with rugged, dirty blues, served with a slight western twang. Hailing from Detroit — not the Michigan city one might think their name implies — the group of lead vocalist-guitarist Jax Anderson, guitarist Bryan Pope, bassist Clay Carnill and drummer Mark Hartman arose from previous outfit POWER and in August 2013, released their debut EP, Late Night in Bolo Ties, the title referencing the matching western-apparel they don on stage.


Jax Anderson – vocals / guitar
Bryan Pope – guitar / vox
Mark Hartman – drums

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Decades Bio

Decades are what happens when three kids who grew up on punk, ska, and metal discover the smooth music of the 70’s and 80’s, and the alternative radio rock of the 90’s. Though the band still embrace their roots, it was their mutual interest in the great pop songwriters and lyricists of the last 5 decades that formed Decades.

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Squirrel Shaped Fish Bio

When Drew Irwin and Caleb Knight began combining compositional forces in a basement last May, they worked with what they had- spare pieces of a drum set, a three octave synthesizer, a guitar, and the idea that music is just as much about what you don’t put in as what you do.

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