2020 Festival

Archived: Complex

Director in attendance!
Cost: $5
Tickets: at the door only
Location: 1215 Turner St.

*Alcohol offered at this event

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Narrative Feature, Short Film

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Complex follows Jeremy, a twenty-something who moves into his first apartment after being kicked out of his parents’ house. Jeremy struggles with independence through relationships with new and old friends. He finds that Anna, a girl he knew in high school, is living in the same apartment complex. Jeremy has to deal with the fact that he was in love with Anna in high school, but never told her. Meanwhile, Jeremy’s eccentric neighbor Ben convinces Jeremy to help him build a Rube Goldberg device for an annual competition.

Curtis Matzke / 2013 / 92 minutes / English / USA

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Heart Effects

A heart with a mind of its own.

Adam Taylor / 2013 / 1.5 minutes / English / USA

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‘Backpackers’ is a road movie that follows a young couple as they embark on a trip of the eastern Australian coast. Having been together for many years already, they decide that there’s nothing either of them want more than to explore the world together. For Peter, this is his chance to finally show Sofia how serious he is about their relationship. For Sofia, it is an exciting step for her and Peter to venture into a wider world they have never before experienced. They soon realize, spending so much of everyday together is strenuous and overwhelming. The love that once blossomed is strained and tested.
The tension between them leads them into finding comfort in other people; friends and even strangers.
Will they stop themselves with the other people before they get too carried away? Will Peter take the leap of commitment and do what he’s been wanting to since the beginning of their trip, propose to Sofia? Or is the relationship already too torn to be mended? ‘Backpackers’ follows an honest, raw and deeply layered relationship between two people. It takes you on a journey with their highs and lows, from lovey-dovey bliss to the moments of frustration. Peter and Sofia take on the greatest turning point in their relationship and are made to question how important they actually are to each other and where their future will lead them.

Mauren Preuss / 2012 / 12 minutes / English / Australia