2020 Festival

Archived: Shorts Block III

Cost: $5
Tickets: at the door only
Location: 1215 Turner St.

*Alcohol offered at this event

Mustang Bar /

Short Film

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Serve and Protect

Caldwell is a small, sleepy, rural New Zealand town. Officer Darryl Kitchen keeps the peace in Caldwell and the community feel safe protected by this third generation of Kitchen policemen. When suspicious activity causes alarm on the neighboring farms around Caldwell, Darryl and his best mate Brian are called in to action and Darryl must use all of his police prowess to take down the mastermind Dynamite Bandit.

Ben Woollen / 2013 / 13 minutes / English / New Zealand

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Only Thunder

During one stormy night, a respected small town sheriff named Lestor Baines tries to enjoy his dinner until a mysterious woman named Tracy shows up at his doorstep, where she confronts him with the knowledge of a secret he’s kept for 7 years. What is the secret that Sheriff Baines have kept?

Chris Ramirez / 2012 / 14 minutes / English / USA

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Nadine, a secular Jewish lesbian, meets Orthodox Miriam though Miriam’s children. Nadine wants to cultivate her Jewish identity, where Miriam is dealing with doubts about her place in the world after her husband has left her. Their friendship grows and the chemistry between the women takes weight. Miriam’s estranged husband knows Nadine as a fellow lawyer and tries to steer Miriam clear of her. Miriam surprises him and Nadine both by filing for civil divorce. While observing the ritual at Sabbath’s end, Nadine and Miriam confront the desire between them. Miriam is finally unwilling to depart so radically from her faith, community, family, and vision of her life, even though she remains aware of her feelings for Nadine.

Susana Darwin / 2012 / 18 minutes / English / USA

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Dirty Laundry

Dan is unwittingly mistaken for his apartment building’s notorious panty thief by the girl he adores.

Gustavo Martin / 2013 / 7 minutes / English / USA

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Bodies in Irreversible Detriment

Horatio has Body Integrity Identity Disorder, where people seek to amputate appendages to make themselves whole. He joins a group for dealing with the affliction, thus meeting Sarah, a quirky BIID sufferer. Both intertwine in an attempt to find themselves, while making sense of their disorder and their environment.

Ben Lazarus / 2013 / 25 minutes / English / USA

Bodies In Irreversible Detriment Trailer from Ben Lazarus on Vimeo.

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Welcome Yankee

Amant and Aslan are persecuted. At stake are their lives and the life of their child. Isolated from and forgotten by the rest of the world, their pleas for help go unanswered. In search of a better life, they confide their destiny to God and attempt the impossible. On the other side of the Earth flies a beacon of hope, where diversity is welcomed, and the scars of the past fade into comfort and indifference.

Benoit Desjardins / 2012 / 21 minutes / English / Canada

Welcome Yankee from Travelling distribution on Vimeo.