2020 Festival

Archived: Shorts Block V

Cost: $5
Tickets: at the door only
Location: 1215 Turner St.

*Alcohol offered at this event

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Music Video, Short Film

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Into the Silent Sea

Alexander, a lone cosmonaut, is adrift in orbit around Earth. He has lost communications and life support systems are dwindling fast. At the same time in Italy, a radio engineer is working the night shift. He discovers a voice amidst the empty static. Under desperate circumstances, and across vast distances, an intense connection is made.

Andrej Landin / 2013 / 25 minutes / English subtitles / Sweden, USA

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Dream With Me

Marie, a young woman and dancer, finds herself at a loss when she loses her grandmother. Unable to cope with her grief, her grandmother comes to her in a vision, while at dance practice. However her memories are split between the past she wants to remember and coming to terms with her grandmother’s death. Will she be able to find peace?

Annique Arredondo / 2013 / 11 minutes / English / USA

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Once Upon a Time . . . Forever

Everyone has dream of it at some time but do we really want to live forever rather than just stop a wonderful moment? What to do if you happened to get elixir of immortality and eternal youth and you have only 2 hours to make use of it? Will you share it with anyone? With whom?
The main characters of the film, Maxim and Lilya have to decide these difficult questions truly struggling with the Time. They are just a common young couple who happened to find themselves in unusual circumstances.
What’s people’s attitude to the idea of immortality? All of us understand the attractiveness of such an opportunity to some extent and can predict its outcomes. Someone would do that, someone wouldn’t, and the reasons for doing or not doing that can be completely different. The film invites the audience to see how a person makes such a choice, what heartaches they experience trying to decide the most important question in their life. The question of their life. This is some kind of philosophic dispute induced by this film.
A miracle happened with Maxim and Lilya. It changed their lives. That occurs sometimes. Even if you are not offered eternal life, who knows what marvellous encounter or extraordinary situation is awaiting for you round the next bend? And who can guarantee that this miracle won’t change you and your life?

Anna Sokolova / 2013 / 25 minutes / Russian / Russian Federation

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When Brenda Mayfield was betrayed by someone she trusted to protect her, she realized she needed to protect herself. This need later evolved into a passion for the martial arts. Today, Brenda is a martial arts teacher, or ‘Sensei’, and has committed her life to passing on her art to children in the community.

Ora DeKornfeld / 2014 / 5 minutes / English / USA

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In Everyone's Eyes (en todas las miradas)

A poetic and slyly subversive musical film about Cuba – where any dissent is ‘counter-revolutionary’ and can have dire consequences.

Most Cubans learn to show outward happiness and acceptance to hide their despair, fear and paranoia – it’s safer.

In precisely the same way, a happy melody dances through this film while a smiling singer reveals what he truly sees on the colorful, crumbling island.

The motif of metal bars – at homes and in the derelict Modelo Prison – more than hint at how Cuba has been a prison against free speech and human rights for generations.

Filmed entirely in Cuba/Filmada enteramente en Cuba.

Lloyd Frost / 2013 / 6 minutes / English, Spanish / Cuba

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We Are the Land

Amidst national controversy surrounding the potential dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking,’ environmental activist Pauline Matt stands alone to protect her native homeland – the Blackfeet Reservation of northern Montana.

Lauren Lindburg, Andrew Heskett, and Ryan Westra / 2013 / 14 minutes / English / USA

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Second First Date

In this honest comedy with romantic tendencies, two intrepid twenty-somethings meet up after an alcohol assisted hookup to see if the spark they had before hooking up still exists.

Ryan Brown / 2012 / 12 minutes / English / USA