2020 Festival

Archived: Jucifer w/ Cavalcade, Hordes & Failed

Cost: $10
Tickets: presale & at the door
Location: 2700 E. Michigan Ave.

*Alcohol offered at this event

Mac’s Bar / 2700 E. Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Experimental, Indie, Metal, Punk

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Jucifer Bio

Jucifer, founded in Georgia in 1993, are pioneers of the sludge / doom metal two piece. They are notorious for their use of massive amplification, and for their entirely nomadic lifestyle.


Gazelle Amber Valentine – Guitar, Vocals
Edgar Livengood – Drums

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Cavalcade Bio

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Failed Bio

Formed in 2004 with the intention of creating something unique and dismal though unusual combinations of heavy influences.

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Hordes Bio

A droning incandescent pulse under a skyline marred by the three towers of the power-station it’s blinking red lights for no one. An exercise in taking the monotone to it’s unmusical zenith. A blasting howl perverted by the endless piles of rubble and scarred concrete that were once the heart of the city echoing on and on in septic waves of dissonance. The empty souls of the dying machines still speak though unheard. Destroying music like this city destroys itself.