2021 Festival

Guilty Simpson

The Avenue / 2021 E Michigan Ave, Lansing MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only


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Guilty Simpson Bio

Detroit MC Guilty Simpson has been putting it down since the mid-90s for the city of Detroit and Michigan as a whole. Originating from the crew The Almighty Dreadnaughtz, Guilty has worked with some of most talented producers & MCs in the game. J Dilla, Mr. Porter, Madlib, BlackMilk, Sean Price, & Apollo Brown to name a few. True to his underground roots, Guilty Simpson brings raw hip-hop to whatever stage he rocks! Don’t miss out — Detroit will definitely be in the building.

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Red Pill Bio

Red Pill personifies his hometown of Detroit so well that all he is missing is a Faygo pop and a bag of Better Made potato chips. As a solo artist and a member of the Mello Music Group trio Ugly Heroes with Apollo Brown and Verbal Kent, he uses music to reflect the struggle, passion and resiliency of the Motor City – and the rest of the tough, blue collar folks that hold the world together.

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Nolan the Ninja Bio

Nolan Chapman, also known as Nolan the Ninja, is a 24-year old emcee and producer from Detroit, MI. Hailing from the hometown of likes such as J.Dilla (Slum Village) and Eminem, the young ninja maintains a pressure-free, determined path through his own style of recordings and instrumentals. With influences such as Q-tip (A Tribe Called Quest) and Redman, Nolan delivers a special blend of two different styles; nostalgic yet modernized.

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DJ Ruckus Bio

DJ Ruckus started East Lansing’s first weekly hip-hop residency in 1997, and he’s been a cornerstone of the area’s music scene ever since. He has deejayed with the likes of Slick Rick, DJ Funk, X Clan, KRS-One, Spankrock and many others when they performed in the city, along with spinning at a healthy, musically diverse roster of weekly and monthly events around the state for over 2 decades. Add on a trio of victories as Lansing City Pulse’s Top of the Town Best Live DJ, and Ruckus is respected as one of Lansing’s most respected authorities on hip-hop and electronic music, and seemingly everything in between.