2023 Festival

Red Carpet Premiere Party

It’s not the Capital City Film Festival without our Red Carpet Premiere Party! Pull those party outfits out of the back of your closet and celebrate CCFF 2022 with us. Come hang out with filmmakers, musicians, artists, and our Lansing community (eek, so excited to see you all) as we kick off our 10-day festival.

The world is a bit, you know, *gestures vaguely* right now and we recognize it’s a little weird to party. We’ll be donating $5 from every Red Carpet Premiere Party ticket to two great organizations to help folks in our community and a bit further away: Refugee Development Center and Direct Relief.

There are 3 ways to attend the Red Carpet Premiere Party:

1) Purchase a $15 ticket to the Red Carpet Premiere Party at this link
2) Buy a $50 all-access pass (includes admission to all film screenings, concerts, and parties during the festival) at this link
3) Volunteer for a shift during the festival! See available shifts here

Ellison Brewing Co – REO Town / 1314 S Washington Ave, Lansing MI 48910 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $10 / Tickets: Online presale and at the door

Documentary Short, Narrative Short

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The poetic relationship, between the ancient ritual of Zenerù and the life of the hermit shepherd Flaminio, makes us reflect on the border between domestic and wild, between known and unknown.

At the end of the winter, Flaminio, a resistant shepherd, prepares materially and spiritually for the arrival of the spring through daily rituals, using the tools he built for himself: he moves and sows the ground, shears the sheep and makes a woolen suit for the new season. The communities of the valley chase the winter away with cowbells and bonfires through the ritual of Scasada dol Zenerù, which is inserted into the story of the shepherd’s life as a dreamlike element that draws on an ancestral memory. Flaminio’s sensitivity, strongly connected to Nature, allows him to perceive when it is time to call the community to act, starting the ritual.

Andrea Grasselli / 2021 / 30 minutes / No Dialogue / Italy

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Immaculate Virtual

Immaculate Virtual is a film essay contemplating the nature of reality, the body, and intimacy in the complicated space where technology and humanity blend. The work is a culmination of writing, research, and obsessive documentation, manifesting as a euphoric tribute to the digital and a manic depiction of the film maker’s ambiguous relationship with the virtual.

Ryley O'Byrne / 2021 / 9 minutes / English, German / Canada