2023 Festival

Global Shorts @ 9:30

The Fledge Lansing / 1300 Eureka St, Lansing MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Comedy, Drama, Narrative Short, Short Film

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Im Sturm

Hamburg in the 20s – while the city is brought to its knees by a storm, a man makes his way purposefully through the streets, driven by his biggest longing – Love.
On this night, the search for his big love leads him to a hospital.
Overjoyed to have found his man alive, his joy was short lived because the man claimed he didn’t know him.
Where does truth begin and longing end?
As the dull throbbing of pain overcame both, destiny played its hand and ensured there was no way back.

Max Hegewald / 2021 / 17 minutes / German / Germany

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Pietro receives a text from his son Marco seeking help after getting into a car accident. Along the deserted countryside road, Pietro has to make a choice: will he condemn or help his son?

Davide Molnar / 2001 / 15 minutes / Italian / Italy

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Kopfkino is originally inspired by Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”. The movie is narrated through the journey of a woman and her reflections on life and freedom.

The movie begins with the depiction of a young girl and her imaginary surreal world. There the Goddess and the Theyam mirror herself and she is also the representation of a time loop of the present and the past of the main character and her deep, real self where hope and dreams are still alive.

In the narration, the woman is illustrated as a psychologically complex character who is awaiting her husband who is a representative of the system. The story takes an unexpected turn with the news of his sudden death and the shock that brings in her, but that immediately transforms into a sense of freedom. She realizes that finally freedom has arrived and then she gets ready as a beautiful bride and finally comes out to welcome her new life with the words ‘I am going to sea’.

The reality takes a twist there as well. When she walks out for her maiden voyage her husband who was supposed to be dead walks in. That was false news and he is all alive and breathing. The reality was too much for her to take, and there her heart is breaks and she dies out of pain for her unachievable freedom.

The narration of the film is multi-layered; generations of women come and go as a representation of the same dream and the journey continues. The story is been told through a flow of poetic imageries with very minimal conversations and dialogues. The style of the genre is magical realism.

Veena Leela Bharati / 2021 / 16 minutes / English, Malayalam / India

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Cold Beds

It’s a winter night in a ski resort in the French Alps. After getting locked out, Mona, a young seasonal worker of Italian origin, tries to fight off the cold while looking for shelter. Her nighttime journey brings her close to an unknown presence.

Laëtitia Martinucci / 2021 / 20 minutes / French / France

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It passes quickly

Mina, an escort girl, has an appointment with Florian. While having sex, they suddenly recognize each other.

Franz Griers / 2021 / 11 minutes / French / France

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On a hot summer day, 13-year-old Chinna begrudgingly accompanies his Shaman father to work. They travel village-to-village, with the father practicing black magic and the son assisting him.
The duo struggle to get through the day as their relationship strains under the weight of the people they encounter and the differences they see in each other.
Does Chinna learn to overcome his struggles or be doomed to live the life he feared he would inherit?

Ashwin Mohan / 2021 / 25 minutes / Tamil / United Kingdom