2021 Festival

Animated Shorts

MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY: Despite animation, these films are not suitable for children.

Urban Beat / 1213 Turner St, Lansing MI 48906 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Animation, Music Video, Narrative Short, Short Film

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All the World is a Stage

An animated adaptation of the famous Shakespeare poem “All The World’s A Stage” narrated by the renowned Shakespeare actor and director Samuel West (Royal Shakespeare Company).

Hannes Rall / 2016 / 1.5 minutes / English / Germany/Singapore

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A cruel war has taken two brothers’ home. Their mother protects them under her arms and fosters the seed of their new life. Anxious her sons could come in danger if they leave the house. But the boys chase their dream to play a music instrument they’ve fallen in love with. A beautiful Oud. They collect scrap metal to earn the money and must find out that their mother’s fear was for a good reason. But as strong birds will always fly, the two boys become one to overcome their trauma.

Ahmad Saleh / 2016 / 11 minutes / Arabic/English / Germany, Jordan, Palestine

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Chika, The Dog in the Ghetto

Chika the dog and the five-year old Mikasch are the heroes of this story which is set in a Jewish ghetto in an unnamed Polish city. The little dog helps Mikasch to develop as a child despite the persecution of the Jews and the threats of the 2nd World War. During World War II it was forbidden for Jews to keep their pets. One day the official orders decreed that Jews have to deliver all dogs. Mikasch refuses to obey this command. His parents help him to find a solution to save Chika. Mikasch’s father hides the dog outside the ghetto at a non-jewish friends house.

Then one day a soldier knocks on the door of the families apartment and delivers a command. The family has to gather with all other Jewish families to be deported. Father, mother and child do not obey, instead they hide in the cellar. Mikasch realizes how important it was to take Chika outside the ghetto. In the small hiding place Chika would have started to bark and that would have revealed the hideout of his family. With the belief to see Chika again one day, Mikasch overcomes the difficult times in the hideout without serious damage. At the (happy)-end Mikasch and Chika actually find each other once again. There is peace.

Sandra Schießl / 2016 / 16 minutes / German / Germany

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Inside a shabby american diner on the side of a lost national road, the mesmerizing dance of a stripper triggers a extremely violent brawl among the customers.

Simon Gesrel | Arnaud Viémont / 2016 / 5 minutes / France

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E is for Evolution

E is for Evolution is an animated short. It consists out of 26 short episodes about evolution. Each Episode has its own point of view and interpretation due to evolution. The film deals with several topics and questions. For example the development from reptiles to mammals and the instinct of procreation. Was all life on Earth created by God or was it just randomly developed by nature with a method we call evolution? And what about the future? Will humans and machines merge together in one new lifeform? These all questions and topics are merged in everyday stories and stereotypes. The alphabet builds a chronological base of the film. To each letter there is an episode. In the end the film results in an collaged overall picture. A small ABC of evolution.

Paul Kusmaul / 2016 / 6 minutes / English / Germany

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Engagement is an experimental animated short that goes through a series of fluid transitions between abstract hand-drawn animation and photographic self-portraiture as a way to explore Director Elizabeth Davis’ own personal history and growth, with a recording of an original poem to accompany the images. The poem and animation work together as a way to create motifs that describe her relationship with her past and how it develops her present.

Elizabeth Davis / 2016 / 3 minutes / English / United States

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Rise into being, mature, perish – Fruit tells a creation story. As the animated short film unfolds, it brings forth a play of shapes illustrating the dialog between two mythological forces – the West and the East. In it the vibrating entities of black and white are constantly being split apart and reconciled by red, in a playful and dramatic choreography of forms and figures.

The journey is narrated in three parts which function like three rooms that are being crossed. In the first room of this triptych the viewer dives into a cosmos of inorganic, dead matter with astronomic dimensions and simple shapes that oscillate. The second room produces living creatures that exist in cycles of eating and mating. In the third room dwells the human being, incessantly striving, searching, erring.
A plant bearing leaves, flowers and a ripening fruit is the recurring motif that runs throughout the entire short film. The polar opposites, black and white, are complemented by the omnipresence of red. As the events progress, they begin to form cyclic patterns. Yet the structure of the story as a whole remains linear. A world awakens, unfurls into a pulsating multiform variety of creatures, and dies once it has completed its course. Fruit reveals itself to be the answer to its own

Gerhard Funk / 2015 / 7 minutes / Germany

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A man breaks up with his head; unfortunately, his decision carries dire consequences.

Stav Levi / 2015 / 4 minutes / Israel

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Killer Recipe

An avocado inadvertently invents tortilla chips that want to eat him. His tomato friend helps him destroy the menace and he learns to appreciate nature. But wait…

Chadwick Whitehead / 2016 / 4 minutes / English / USA

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Our Wonderful Nature

“The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before.“

Tomer Eshed / 2016 / 3 minutes / English / Germany

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In a continuous scenery, his physical movement stays in the same position. The speed of the continuity and his movement have accelerated and gradually cause a distortion.

Shunsaku Hayashi / 2017 / 10 minutes / Japan

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The Box

The happy life of a Syrian kid alters instantly with the sudden war and he finds himself in a state of struggle. The war changes not only lives, but also the role of his box; first as a carefully built toy house, then as a place to take shelter in a refugee camp with full of dangers and finally as a boat that sails for a journey towards hope.

Merve Cirisoglu Cotur / 2016 / 7 minutes / English / Turkey

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A hungry wolf gets stuck in stereotypes about being the big bad wolf of the story. She has to flee when everybody accuses her to violence and murder. She faces the danger of getting killed.

Zahra Rostampour / 2018 / 7 minutes / - / Iran