2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

“I Can Feel the City Breathing”

Friday April 15th is sure to be a memorable night at the fest. We’ll be screening the Hip-Hop documentary Respiration(directed by Matt Ortlieb), followed by a full-on show featuring national and local favorites.

Danny Brown, Buff1, Othello and the Third Coast Kings, SelfSays and Blat! Pack will all be taking the stage for a concert the likes of which Lansing hasn’t seen since, well, Respiration! The screening and all performances will be taking place at The Loft above Harem Urban Lounge on Michigan Ave. in downtown Lansing. Local artists DJ Ruckus and Blat! Pack will be the hosts for the evening.

A classic Respiration flyer:

Danny Brown

“Brown raps like he’s crossbred and full of cold blood. He’s a reconciliation of ostensibly antithetical schools. His voice is all nasal-drip and comic exaggeration, the rap equivalent of a Looney Tunes chase, a lunge at impressive velocities with bulging eyes, flying feet, and clouds of choking dirt.” -L.A. Times

(@xdannyxbrownx on twitter)



This dude has been blessing shows in the Capital City since the days of those classic sweaty Vinyl Addict basement parties. He used to roll with his whole crew from the Athletic Mic League, but after 3 critically lauded solo efforts, the man’s work surely stands on it’s own. Will he bring some AML friends this time? All I know is that he’s always full of surprises.

(@buff1der on twitter)

Othello and the Third Coast Kings

Othello, a performer known world wide, will be playing with a live band, The Third Coast Kings.

“(Othello’s) lead single “Active Balanced” featuring Now On and Mayer Hawthorne is an ode to every beat maker, to every basement studio, every emcee who ever wrote lyrics on loose leafs… sitting in their apartments in love with the music… in love with the grind and passion and honesty in the struggle of making that music…” -sphereofhiphop.com

(@OthelloONE on twitter)


Metro Times article Who The F&%k is SelfSays?  ‘nuff said.

Oh wait, you can also download his new EP courtesy of Urb Magazine.

(@selfischarles on Twitter)


Blat! Pack

Our hosts for the evening are a well rounded collective of local hip-hop artists who are making a name for themselves all over the mitten and the country. Just back from SXSW!

(@BLATPack on twitter)

DJ Ruckus

Local favorite DJ Ruckus will be the host DJ for the evening. Anyone around the scene in Lansing for any amount of time knows he never disappoints!

Tickets are on sale now for this epic night of hip-hop entertainment. Our full-festival passes and full schedule are available on our website and individual ticket sales will start next week!