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  • Freeload


2013 / USA / 65 Minutes / Daniel Skaggs

Film Synopsis

Over a year of traveling, the young riders in FREELOAD seek adventure and answers on America’s freight trains. Pony Boy and Rachel nurture their new relationship through wanton travel until they find themselves stuck in Texas, working low-wage jobs, when finally, they find the means to escape.

Blackbird and Skrappe are an unstoppable duo with big dreams and a broken past. They feed out of dumpsters and boldly ride any train car they want. In New York City, they’re unmoved by the Occupy Wall Street movement. They visit Blackbird’s grandmother, and then meet up with Skrappe’s brother, Christmas, to free him from his social ties. And Dice, the soft-spoken mystic that almost seems immortal, travels through some of the country’s most pristine landscapes as he guides us through his life on the trains.

In the end, the subjects of FREELOAD travel to the sugar beet harvest in North Dakota, where transients around the country hope to fatten their pockets for the winter.