2023 Festival

Music Videos Shorts

The Fledge Lansing / 1300 Eureka St, Lansing MI 48912

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Narrative Feature, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Hip-Hop, Music Video, Narrative Short, Sci-Fi, Short Film, Subtitles, Thriller

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Potholes are always on the street. The workers have been repairing it all day long, which nonetheless seems in vain. The road is still unstable. Is it due to the poor technique or other secrets? BrokenRoad is a song conveying conspiracies and secrets untold hidden in the city streets which are always under maintenance. Interestingly, the song connects 3 people, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello, with the conspiracy. An uncanny air fill in the whole song. As a work to continue the song, Underbelly is created. Underbelly as an animal body party means the most fragile. It could be regarded as a weakness and further interpreted as the unknown dark side in a society. Sewer is the setting of the story, where 3 species as well, mouses, flies, and frogs, construct a hierarchical society and disclose dark conspiracies in a society.

Huang, Shi-Pin / 5 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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Fine (Official Music Video)

Sometimes no is enough without having to explain the story of why. This video embodies and presents as many depictions of “no” as possible. It abandons linear narratives to embrace the abstraction & unpredictability uncovered when exploring the world of a sentiment/feeling. Many iconic “revenge/breakup” music videos starring women, portray these women as unhinged, crazy, and even demonic. It was essential that this NOT be the case in ‘Fine.’ In ‘Fine,’ the women are unchangingly grounded, empowered, and sane as they wreak destruction in order to tell the man who brought trauma/pain upon them “no.” The symbols of this man (his apologetic gifts, the infantilized submissive school-girl-esque image of women he finds ideal, the surrealist box-world he has trapped them in) are the catalysts for the unhinged/creepy/horrific tone of this suffocating-box world, not the women.

Emma Scotson, Valen-Marie Santos / 2021 / 4 minutes / English / United States

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Let’s Reveal (Silly Bones Valley)

In a dystopian future, society is subjected to false idols and social control. While most bow their heads and look away, a random heroine decides that it is time to reveal the truth.

Toni Cervantes / 2021 / 5 minutes / English / Spain

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When the stressors of life feel insurmountable, there is a beauty in letting things go. There is also beauty in completely destroying them.

Eric La Febre / 2021 / 3 minutes / English / United States

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Chalk Houses

Looking back on yesteryear, Five Year Gap takes a trip down memory lane. Set in their hometown of Tonkawa, OK, Brody and Ciara show what growing up in smalltown USA looked like for them. Reminiscing on her childhood, Ciara reflects on those friendships that are sadly no more. Nostalgia can be bittersweet.

Luke Garrison, Ashley Ballinger / 2021 / 3 minutes / English / United States

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In our performance driven and competitive world, Hanna, a young entrepreneur, and Johnny, an aged actor, are confronted with gender and age discrimination. But instead of submitting to the game, they fight it and make their own rules.

Simon Kluth / 2021 / 7 minutes / No Dialogue / Germany

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Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights is a dream like visual experience that showcases Rachel Curtis’ talents as a singer and a songwriter.  It was filmed on location at the beautiful Glenlore Trails in Commerce Charter Township, Michigan.

Craig Derek Jones / 2021 / 3 minutes / English / USA

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Rochelle Bloom - Stories I Create In My Head

Rochelle Bloom’s debut music video for her song, “Stories I Create In My Head”, off her album, “Partly Cloudy”.

Derek Evans / 2021 / 4 minutes / English / United States

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Sing About It

Christine Banna / 2021 / 4 minutes / English / United States

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Mwanjé ft. Sampa the Great - Wildones

“Wildones” is a visual exploration of connection and oneness with the natural world – an existential coming-of-age.

Michael Rodrigues, Tarryn Hatchett / 2021 / 3 minutes / English / South Africa

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Life's Been Good To Me

Follow Yellow Days (columbia records) and Ric Wilson as they dance around London to their newest single “Life’s Been Good To Me”

Jake Armstrong / 4 minutes / English / Not Specified

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Blychedelic is a phase that one taps into when he/she/they believes there is no escape from forces that perpetuate blackness but then finds their own sense of freedom/liberation. The Blychedelic experience is an ontological manifestation, meant to produce a spiritual high that transforms us into our true being.

Chattam / 2020 / 7 minutes / English / United States

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Säye Skye – ADHD

ADHD the music video celebrates Attention Hyperactivity Disorder as a superpower.

The official music video experience for the song “ADHD” by Iranian-Canadian artist SÄYE SKYE – the project was filmed on a 360/VR camera and later converted to a 2D flat video, to allow for innovative cinematic angles created in post-production. The immersive format simulates what it’s like to live with ADHD and lends itself to the song’s danceable beats, making it a cohesive experience for both Farsi and English speaking audiences.

Sina Dolati / 2022 / 5 minutes / Persian / Canada

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A music video for hip-hop artist, Cyrus, featuring Doug and The Dog who are two guys that are “Unforgettable”.

Michael McCallum / 2021 / 3 minutes / English / United States

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In The Event Of My Death

Jeremy. Just. DIED. So, in the event of his death, he leaves behind a series of clever clues and witty video messages for his best friend and bandmate Sam, and his brash sister Mandy, which sends them on an adventure through their shared past. They get to experience one last day with Jeremy after he’s gone, and in the end are compelled to mourn the best way they know how.

Brian Scott Steele / 2021 / 21 minutes / English / United States