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  • Elephant in the Room
    Elephant in the Room

Elephant In The Room

2021 / Taiwan / 6 Minutes / Yang, Ching-Ju

Film Synopsis

Ah, the elephant is still here today. An unignorable elephant stays in the room and it always follows behind the woman. It seems the woman is the only person bothered by it. We borrow the English slang “Elephant In The Room” as a theme of the story. It refers to a situation where people, though see the problem, pretend nothing happens and avoid touch the issues. The elephant, meaning women’s problems in a patriarchal society, hinders the female protagonist in her every action. A woman might feel helpless in facing life restraints on her behaviors and thoughts. The ball refers to those responsibilities and obligations, granted by the society, on a woman’s unconscious mind. The box means all the outside stuff, drawn from a traditional social ideology “Men are breadwinners; women are homemakers.” Therefore, the male colleagues could move and stack the boxes well, which are symbols of their actions and accomplishments in real life. It becomes a great contrast between the males and the female protagonist, who was deprived of boxes and choices. The more the boxes are deprived of, the bigger the elephant becomes. What should the woman do?