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Animated Shorts

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Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Narrative Short, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short Film, Subtitles

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That's Mine!!!

On a sunny morning, brother and sister fight for a technological gem, which is the energy source of the brother’s technological launch and the key to the younger sister’s youth make-up. They show off their skills and try their best and refuse to give in. Who will win in the end?

Yang, Shu-Ting, Kao, Da-Yu, Xu, Kai-Xin, Yen Pin-Fong, Chen, Yu-Ting, Guo, Jia-Ci / 2021 / 3 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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Speci man

She gently picked it up, delicately, persistently, and stitched to keep this love for eternity.
He fluttered his wings vigorously, as if he wanted to tell something, and as if he was obsessed with something. Under the control, he still pounced on the light with no reluctance.

The secret in this quiet room may be clear only to it that is passing by.

Hung, Fan-Yun / 2021 / 5 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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Sarah lives in a small country house. Suddenly, uninvited guests burst into her house, which turned out to be monsters. Trying to escape from them, Sarah falls further into despair from vague memories and a severe headache.

Malika Maxat / 2021 / 7 minutes / No Dialogue / Kazakhstan

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It's Raining Heads

Carl D'Arpa / 2021 / 4 minutes / United States

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Where the Winds Die

Sardasht is a kurdish city in West of Iran. Sardasht is the first city in the world to be victim of chemical weapons with mustard gas bombs at 4:15 p.m on Sunday, June 28th 1987.
This film is about before, after the bombing, Also a romantic relationship between an couple and finally, the effects of the post-war.

Pejman Alipour / 2021 / 13 minutes / Kurdish / Iran, Islamic Republic of

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Endre and the Mountain

A lone old man’s journey up a mysterious mountain.

Alfie Dyer / 2021 / 6 minutes / English / United Kingdom

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Daddy Look!

On a peaceful morning, the child took his drawing to his father’s room, woke up his father and showed him the drawing. Dad didn’t see clearly because he didn’t wear glasses. After wearing glasses, he found that he was late. So he put the child in the neighbor’s house in a hurry and went to work. The child felt frustrated because he didn’t let his father see his painting. Then what should the child do to let his father see him?

Ee, Chin-Yuan / 2021 / 5 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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The protagonist and his grandpa are both specimen masters. Grandpa pursues perfect traditional specimen making, but the protagonist likes to make various changes to the specimens. One day the protagonist arbitrarily transforms his grandpa’s specimens. The angry grandpa draws the boundary line with chalk, and then it turns into a transparent wall. The astonished protagonist finds the chalk on the side and draws a door on the wall. After opening the door, he finds that the scene is completely different from the real world.

Lin, Yu-Ting / 2021 / 3 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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Dear Brother

The little brother received a letter from his sister.
The pages were filled with his sister’s confessions to the little brother, such as the pain, anger, regret, and love buried deep in her heart.

Fang, Wei-Chi / 2021 / 3 minutes / English, Mandarin Chinese / Taiwan

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Elephant In The Room

Ah, the elephant is still here today. An unignorable elephant stays in the room and it always follows behind the woman. It seems the woman is the only person bothered by it. We borrow the English slang “Elephant In The Room” as a theme of the story. It refers to a situation where people, though see the problem, pretend nothing happens and avoid touch the issues. The elephant, meaning women’s problems in a patriarchal society, hinders the female protagonist in her every action. A woman might feel helpless in facing life restraints on her behaviors and thoughts. The ball refers to those responsibilities and obligations, granted by the society, on a woman’s unconscious mind. The box means all the outside stuff, drawn from a traditional social ideology “Men are breadwinners; women are homemakers.” Therefore, the male colleagues could move and stack the boxes well, which are symbols of their actions and accomplishments in real life. It becomes a great contrast between the males and the female protagonist, who was deprived of boxes and choices. The more the boxes are deprived of, the bigger the elephant becomes. What should the woman do?

Yang, Ching-Ju / 2021 / 6 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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Seize the moment

A photographer persisting in creation happens to have a special film when he is nearly unemployed. He successfully turns his career around and thinks it would go on well. However, he finds reality is not as colorful as he imagines and becomes doubtful of what he pursues.

Jiang, Yu-Wen, Lee, You-Yun / 2021 / 7 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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When Is The Best Time To Say Goodbye?

In a ward, a woman living on ventilator struggles with the family thoughts between her will and spirit world. The story ends with her choice to leave.

Chen, Yong-Yi / 4 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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L’abattu des vents

Alone on a secluded island, a lightkeeper is prisoner of his own madness.

Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard / 2021 / 5 minutes / No Dialogue / Canada

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Desire Trap

An uncle who was on entry-level position of the company confessed to his favorite female secretary one evening, but he could not get a response from her. After work, when he passed by the supervisor’s office, he found that the female secretary and the supervisor were having intimate behavior. The uncle was shocked but couldn’t stop his desire. Inadvertently attracted by the poster at the entrance of the alley, he stepped into the trap of desire…

Chen, Zhen-Rong / 2021 / 5 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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On the newspaper, there are an issue about missing people and a game released. Once the player won the treasure can receive a massive prize in the game. However, the issue about missing people seems to be related to this game. The character wants to win the prize and ignore the impact.

Lin, Jia-Rui, Zhang,Ya-Qian / 2021 / 3 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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At a silence night, the boyfriend was found by his girlfriend in bed with somebody else. In the process of the brawl, the girlfriend unfortunately died. After a short period of low mood, the boyfriend quickly fell in love with the other woman. The girlfriend’s ghost was angry and couldn’t die in peace, so a war of revenge is about to begin…

Wu, Jia-Sin / 2021 / 6 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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Carnival of the Centipede

A foreigner, Michael meets the triannual festival, Giâ-kang-tīn while he visits Tainan, Taiwan. The girl is a his tourist guide. She leads him to learn more traditional culture about Tainan and Michael decides to stay longer to explore Taiwanese Temple Culture.

Huang, Yi-Hsuan / 2021 / 5 minutes / English, Mandarin Chinese / Taiwan

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In the universe, there is a kind of aggressive race, human beings know nothing about them, but they know what human beings say and do. That race is cat. They are mysterious, evil and lurking in human society. They find that people increasingly rely on social media on the Internet to receive all the messages in their lives. As a result, they launch a series of brainwashing human actions around the world by Internet invasion…

Su, Sang-Ni / 2001 / 3 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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Run for life

The character was socializing for business with his boss. Suddenly, the phone rang, the character got the information that the baby was about to be born. Although the character was already wasted, he still wanted to rush to the hospital and welcome the baby. However, there are a lot of difficulties on the way to the hospital…

Lin, Yi-Xiang, Wu, Bo-Yi / 2021 / 4 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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When I was little, my parents told me that the Earth was a beautiful place. There are clear sky, green land, human beings, and many different creatures. Besides, there are many food except for the canning.
Human can live so long until they fall asleep one day.
Does the conscious uploaded and it could make us eternal? Or it just make a illusion that the people still alive? These are the question I often think about, but these are not allowed to discuss.
Today I believe I can find the answer.

Chen, Wei-Jing / 2021 / 5 minutes / No Dialogue / Taiwan

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A Daffodil Under Close Inspection

Kathryn L. Darnell / 1 minutes / English / United States