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  • Insomniacs


2014 / United Kingdom / 14 Minutes / Charles Chinzter Lai

Film Synopsis

Insomniacs is an emotionally charged, romantic drama about two lost souls connecting through a shared misery.

One restless night, on opposite sides of a flat complex, Jade and Theo become consumed by their insomnia. Burdened with lovesickness, Theo sees one light on during these late hours. Theo observes Jade from a distance – he becomes intrigued by someone suffering from a similar restlessness, attracted as he watches her move about. In a manic episode, Jade escapes to the rooftop and Theo follows.

Theo builds a connection with Jade through releasing their mutual frustrations – they confront their anxieties, what keeps them up at night. They remain awake throughout a restless night, surrendering to their insomnia.