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POSTED: Mar 13, 2023

Only I Can Hear

In search of a place between two disparate worlds, three teenage Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs), come of age in the vibrant, loud Deaf community. Grappling with issues of prejudices, leading double lives and familial bonds, this documentary asks what it means to exist between different cultures and how you can define your sense of identity.


The Broken Promise

*CONTENT WARNING: SEXUAL ASSAULT/ABUSE* “Through moving testimonies spanning the globe and history, The Broken Promise shows us the warning signs that societies are moving to genocidal policies. A beautiful and timely film.” — Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author of “Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present” Why does genocide keep happening? What makes people dehumanize one another? And how […]


The Final Hours of South U Pizza

*DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE* A mysterious wandering man recalls the last breathes of his favorite late night pizza joint in beautiful nostalgia before it is decimated to build a high rise apartment complex that to this day is still empty.


The Sun Rises in The East

The Sun Rises in The East chronicles the birth, rise and legacy of The East, a pan-African cultural organization founded in 1969 by teens and young adults in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Led by educator and activist Jitu Weusi, The East embodied Black self-determination, building more than a dozen institutions, including its own African-centered school, food co-op, […]


Jack Has a Plan

Jack Tuller’s career as a budding San Francisco musician was altered in 1994 when he was diagnosed with a terminal condition and given six months to live. Jack Has a Plan tells the story of the following 25 years as Jack dodges one bullet after the next. How is it possible to be terminal for […]


Join or Die

*DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE* Join or Die is a film about why you should join a club — and why the fate of America may depend on it. In this feature documentary, follow the half-century story of America’s civic unraveling through the journey of legendary social scientist Robert Putnam, whose groundbreaking “Bowling Alone” research into America’s […]


Kumina Queen

Imogene “Queenie” Kennedy was a contemporary priestess in post-colonial Jamaica who catapulted her African spiritual practice into renown. But after centuries of erasure, what remains of the dance between the living and the dead? In the wake of the loss of her mother, the filmmaker travels into the heart of the Jamaican countryside to research […]


Mystic Michigan: The Rocks Cry Out

Explore the riches of the rocks of the Great Lakes State with Mark Jager, in the third installment of Mystic Michigan. Jager, the author of the Mystic Michigan books series, returns to host this docu-series which explores the many beautiful geological formations across the state of Michigan. Jager unravels the rich beauty, history, and spirituality […]


Nature vs Nurture

An experimental film about nature and the industrial world through the comparing and contrasting of sound and image


Reciprocity Project

Facing a climate crisis, the Reciprocity Project embraces Indigenous value systems that have bolstered communities since the dawn of humanity. To heal, we must recognize that we are in relationship with Earth, a place that was in balance until the modern industrial age. This short film series and multimedia platform (reciprocity.org) invites learning from time-honored […]