2021 Festival

Zoos of Berlin

The Avenue / 2021 E Michigan Ave, Lansing MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered


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Zoos of Berlin Bio

Zoos of Berlin are now celebrating the release of their third LP, Instant Evening (2016, Don’t Look About). Formed in 2006 by vocalists Trevor Naud and Daniel I. Clark, along with drummer Collin Dupuis and keyboardist Will Yates, the band operates a Detroit studio helmed by Dupuis, whose recent mixing credits include Angel Olsen’s My Woman and Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence. Guitarist Matthew Howard (Javelins) joined the band this year.

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Krissy Booth Bio

Krissy Booth plays indie electronic music. Booth is self taught in guitar and keyboards, and took operatic/classical voice lessons as a teen. Her debut album, Vivid, will be simultaneously released as a visual album. Release date TBA.

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Double Winter Bio

Detroit-based Double Winter is Holly Johnson’s expressive basslines and cooly detached vocals, Vittorio Vettraino’s inexhaustible supply of inspiring guitar, Augusta Morrison’s ear for harmonic coloring via violin and Morgan McPeak’s bouncing rock syncopations. Double Winter’s artistry seems to leave its members somewhat free in their aural space, yet they play with synergy.

On “XO, Skeleton” Audiofemme writes: “Doesn’t overthink and in doing so delivers a sweetly melancholic, hair-twirling, window-watching serenade.” From dreamy ballad vibes in “Jazz Dancer” to the goth punk snarls of “Blood Candy,” their freshmen EP Watching Eye captures the energy of Double Winter’s live gigs, and showcases their memorable song-craft.

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LVRS is a three-piece indie noise rock band from Jackson, MI. They played in previous bands together before forming LVRS in the summer of 2015. As the other bands disbanded, this project spawned a fusion of 90s rock and introspective shoe-gaze.