2021 Festival


Tickets for this concert may be purchased in advance here or at the door.

The Loft / 414 E Michigan Ave, Lansing MI 48933 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $15

Metal, Punk

Artist Information

Nothing Bio

People often wonder why Philadelphia’s Nothing are so damn loud. In the case of many artists, the volume stems from a preoccupation with negativity, misanthropy and the human condition. But while Nothing’s attitude lines up with these ideas, their personality isn’t one that the band picked from a list of cliches. Instead, it’s one that’s been molded by the band’s own experiences, from family troubles and personal tragedy to a string of bad luck that Murphy’s Law would balk at. And that volume, rather than a selling point, is the only way the band has been able to translate the difficulty of real-life events into musical form.

Artist Information

Hordes Bio

Hordes hails from Lansing, consisting of J. Howard (Bass guitar, loops, samples), A. Hudson (Guitar, vocals, effects) and T. Karinen (drums). They describe themselves as “Lansing’s most detached band.” Some of their influences are Throbbing Gristle, Skullflower, Earth, Swans, Ramleh and Godflesh.

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Cavalcade Bio

Blending sludge metal, punk, and noise, Michigan’s Cavalcade became active in 2007, releasing debut LP, Into Bolivian, shortly after in 2008. Dave Brenner of Metal Maniacs described the release as, “…a blackened 28 Days Later jig as performed by interplanetary acid-smuggling gore pirates…molesting doom, drone, jig, joust and all-out metallic mindwarp jams” going on to compare the band to Carcass, Karp and King Crimson.