2022 Festival

Saturday Afternoon Shorts


REACH Studio Art Center / 1804 S Washington Ave, Lansing MI 48910 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Comedy, Drama, Music Video, Narrative Short, Sci-Fi

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The Program

*FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE* A down and out store clerk discovers a series of self-help videotapes.

Michael Elliott Dennis / 2018 / 14 minutes / English / USA

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The Moon and The Night

In rural Hawaii, a teenage girl must confront her father after he enters her beloved pet in a dog fight.

2018 / 19 minutes / USA

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Second Hand Lovers

A young man lives in his bachelor’s apartment which he shares with the memory of all his past relationships.

Oren Lavie / 2018 / 4 minutes / English / Israel

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Due Process

An overburdened social worker fights to bring justice to a mother and her unborn child.

Gabriel P Braden / 2018 / 8 minutes / English / USA

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Cue Jane

A middle aged actress, Jane, has been failing to balance her acting career and taking care of her father who has Alzheimer’s. One the way to an important audition, she has to overcome unexpected hurdles which also forces her to revaluate her life.

Qianzi Gao / 2018 / 16 minutes / English / USA

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A lost young man gets a life altering phone call from a telemarketer.

Will Branner / 2018 / 10 minutes / English / USA

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White Noise

In need of extra cash, Dolores, a young black waitress, participates in a psychological study.

Frida Perez / 2018 / 6 minutes / English / USA

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*FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE* Alone in a new city, a computer programmer signs up for an online dating service, but things get complicated when she decides to hack the algorithm.

Trevor Byrne / 2018 / 16 minutes / English / USA