2021 Festival

American Film Institute Shorts [FREE]

The American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women (DWW) is a hands-on film training program that educates and mentors its participants. Increasing the number of women working professionally in screen directing is the primary goal of this tuition-free program. All of the dynamic short films in this block are directed by women who are DWW alumnae. This event is free of charge at the 2019 Capital City Film Festival.

The Fledge Lansing / 1300 Eureka St, Lansing MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: FREE

Folk, Punk

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Control Option Escape

A reclusive internet addicted young woman is forced to cope with the harsh reality beyond her apartment walls when she discovers the internet has shut down worldwide.

Gandja Monteiro / 2018 / 18 minutes / English / USA

Control Option Escape Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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UNSPEAKABLE follows a young female imposter in a desperate situation who averts authorities by claiming to be a girl who went missing years ago as a child. But when that missing girl’s family welcomes the imposter home, she’s forced to keep the deception alive or face the consequences.

Milena Govich / 2018 / 15 minutes / English / USA

Unspeakable Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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War Paint

A bright yet reserved teenager experiences the complexities of being both black and female on the eve of a 4th of July celebration in South Los Angeles.

Katrelle Kindred / 2018 / 17 minutes / English / USA

War Paint Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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On Killer Robots

A real time dramatization of Dallas 7.7.16: US Law Enforcement uses robotic technology to kill an American citizen for the first time in history.

Lorraine Nicholson / 2018 / 15 minutes / English / USA

On Killer Robots Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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A legendary Drag Queen with a legendary secret. Facing the final curtain, Marabou reflects on her legacy, revealing more than just a man beneath the makeup.

Tiffany Johnson / 2018 / 20 minutes / English / USA

Marabou Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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I Want to Marry a Creative Jewish Girl

I WANT TO MARRY A CREATIVE JEWISH GIRL is a dark comedy about an Asian American woman who looks for love in superficial and external ways. It’s bittersweet because she doesn’t end up getting what she wants, but finds a very intimate connection with her overweight neighbor, a man she would never consider dating.

Beth de Araujo / 2018 / 16 minutes / English / USA

I Want to Marry a Creative Jewish Girl Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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Dark Wolf Gang

When a demonically possessed little girl escapes an impromptu exorcism, a Latino teen becomes a target, and his dysfunctional family is forced to reveal the truth about the “family business”… Annihilating evil supernatural forces.

Nancy Mejia / 2018 / 11 minutes / English, Spanish / USA

Dark Wolf Gang Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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You Win USA Vacation

Mei is a young pregnant 19 year old Chinese girl in love with being American. She is staying at a Chinese maternity hotel in Los Angeles to have an American baby and hopefully live one day in the U.S. When her maternity hotel gets raided by the federal immigration authorities, she escapes to the streets of L.A., forcing her to fend for herself and find her way back home.

Georgia Fu / 2018 / 20 minutes / English, Chinese / USA

You Win USA Vacation Resort Trailer from AFI DWW on Vimeo.

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AJJ, formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, is a folk punk band originating from Phoenix, Arizona that is comprised of Sean Bonnette, vocals and guitarist, and Ben Gallaty, bassist. Incorporating macabre themes to folk tunes, AJJ knows their sound and continues to introduce new directions in every album release. Their latest album, The Bible 2, came out in 2016 to much acclaim. Consequence of Sound has described the “lyrics and themes” as “always the most compelling aspect of their work.”