2022 Festival


REACH Studio Art Center / 1804 S Washington Ave, Lansing MI 48910 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Adventure, Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Drama, Horror, Narrative Short, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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The High Wire

THE HIGH WIRE catches the painfully funny misadventures of a sex-crazed, love-shy, middle-aged Innocent as she tumbles off Tinder and onto a former Mormon. Part Olympic gymnast, part accident waiting to happen, the small-but-mighty Kristy takes a giant leap towards love.

Kristy Hasen, Joe Foley / 2018 / 7 minutes / English / USA

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Nico or (Head of the Family)

Nico figures that the death of his father is the best excuse for him to reach out to his estranged son. While the two of them drive to an unknown location, Nico attempts to earn Joe Jr’s respect by telling his, now dead, father’s life story.

Evan Secory / 2018 / 5 minutes / English / USA

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When a love-struck teenage girl seeks advice from an unsuspecting teenage boy, anything can happen.

Nathan Moore / 2018 / 4 minutes / English / USA

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College Town

After the hottest girl in school agrees to hook-up with him on the condition that he can get her weed, John sets out on a quest to find it somewhere in his small town. His best friend Izzy tags along as they stumble through their options

Michael Shacket / 2018 / 18 minutes / English / USA

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A type-A Brentwood mom hires a superstitious hitman…but the universe teaches them one big lesson: inertia’s a bitch.

Sean Fredricks / 2018 / 17 minutes / English / USA

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2019: A Home Odyssey

Dave’s reliance on his “smart” home and a strained relationship with Alexa lead us to re-examine where tools have brought us, and the dangerous road ahead.

Steven Ellis / 2018 / 6 minutes / English / USA

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Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations

When Angie — a fifteen-year-old girl raised in a conservatively religious household — begins experiencing her very first sexual attraction, she goes to extremes to rid herself of these ‘sinful’ sensations.

Miley Durbin / 2018 / 14 minutes / English / USA

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Only A Movie!

Guy realizes that life is a terrible movie and searches for a way to rewrite his own ending.

Teddy Cecil / 2018 / 17 minutes / English / USA

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Dearly Departed

Vera’s relationship with Fred is beginning to blossom but she can’t help feeling distracted by the presence of the three very opinionated ghosts who also inhabit her house. Through the expression of song, Vera and the ghost’s learn to deal with the highs and lows of a modern relationship. However, when Fred begins to further their relationship, Vera is left with a life-changing decision.

Elise Martin / 2018 / 14 minutes / English / United Kingdom

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First Kill

*DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE* After best friends Melissa and Rebecca hide the body from their first kill, they find themselves stuck on a deserted country road. A dark comedy of errors ensues, as Melissa’s parents and the local tow truck driver, Barbara, are called to the rescue. When the body is discovered the next day, Sheriff White arrests his main suspect. But don’t kid yourself, everything isn’t as it appears.

Amanda Moresco / 2018 / 12 minutes / English / USA