2023 Festival

Comedy Shorts

The Fledge Lansing / 1300 Eureka St, Lansing MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Narrative Short, Romance, Short Film, Thriller

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Artistic Character

When a quiet artist spends his time daydreaming of his muse, he inadvertently sets in motion a series of actions that he has no control of. A quiet life suddenly upturned with each event and with consequences.

Vasily Chuprina / 2021 / 15 minutes / Russian / Netherlands

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Julie, a mid twenties business analyst, finds herself wondering whether she’s made the right choices in life after her sister, Emma, interrupts her presentation prep to tell her that she is headed to Peru to work on an alpaca farm. Insult is added to injury when Julie’s presentation at work the next day fails to garner the accolades she was expecting. Her co-worker Rose, however, has the perfect plan to reignite Julie’s passion by helping her fulfill her dream of opening her own bakery. Unfortunately, Rose has ulterior motives and Julie and Emma must work together to salvage their relationship when things go sideways.

Cam Lewis / 2021 / 15 minutes / English / United States

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A human vacuum snorts a never ending line of cocaine through a vapid party in the Hollywood Hills. ‘LESS THAN ZERO” meets “HANSEL AND GRETEL”. A satire about Los Angeles as a…VACUUM.

Ace Norton / 2021 / 4 minutes / English / United States

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Pretty On Pitch

After being humiliated and accused of having poopy pants on live TV, two former reality singing show contestants agree to be followed by a documentary crew in hopes of one last shot at being taken seriously. While trying to prove themselves successful when everyone still seems to be laughing at them, they stumble into an unexpected challenge to write a song on the spot. In this fever dream of a musical comedy, the power of desperation and friendship certainly blurs the lines of reality.

Meagan Kittridge / 2021 / 8 minutes / English / United States

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A newly adopted puppy contemplates his escape from the couple he thinks kidnapped him.

G.G. Hawkins / 2021 / 6 minutes / English / United States

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A revolutionary message for women everywhere to break the binds of their patriarchal overlords, dispel the myth of greed and take what is rightfully theirs.

Men take heed, a reckoning is coming.


Amber Danger Johnson / 2021 / 4 minutes / English / United States

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Benoit and Catherine, a couple in their late twenties, go to his parents’ house for dinner. It is with surprise and apprehension that they learn that the whole family is invited for supper and that the evening may not go as planned!

Guillaume Collin / 2021 / 11 minutes / French / Canada

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Johnny The Dime

A brash New Yorker catches a peeping-tom spying on his sister. He vows to take revenge, and discovers something very special about himself along the way.

Joseph Blake Menzel / 2021 / 7 minutes / English / United States

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Still Together

She’s a department store window designer, he’s a Nordic warrior trapped in the body of a mannequin. When her nosy co-workers disrupt our star-crossed lovers’ hushed romance, Kate and Leif must attempt a daring escape from their enchanted diorama. Can their magical bond survive the escape, or will the cynical gaze of the outside world reduce their romance to a pile of plastic?

Christopher Piazza / 2021 / 13 minutes / English / United States

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Wizard Uno

The Council of Wizards is having a friendly game of Uno when an unwelcomed guest ruins the evening.

Ethan Thomas levine / 2021 / 10 minutes / English / United States

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Doing Swell

Twenty-somethings Ethan and Jessica are both on the right side of getting over their exes. Or at least they’d like the world to think so. And when their paths cross one afternoon, they both wonder if they’ve just conveniently stumbled upon a replacement soulmate.

Kendall Punsalan Veasey / 2022 / 5 minutes / English / United States

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Harold has been given a bag of dirt, and he needs to get rid of it immediately.

Karsten Runquist / 2021 / 11 minutes / English / United States