2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

The Green Team Keeps CCFF Clean!

Capital City Film Festival is not only pleasing our fest-goers. We’re keeping the environment happy and entertained as well. We know how important it is to be sustainable, and in order to be the best green festival we can be, we’ve enlisted the help of some environmental-savvy professionals.
To make sure we have a minimal impact on the environment, we’re bringing in The Sweaty Mouse Green Team. These guys will be on-site at the Temple Club Saturday evening, setting up bins to recycle plastic, aluminum and glass during the Brew & View John Hughes Retrospective. When you belly up to the bar for a beer, it will be served in a PET 1 plastic cup because they have the highest market value as a recycling commodity. If water is more your style, there will be Igloo watering stations where patrons, staff and volunteers can refill their own reusable water bottle or use the previously mentioned PET 1 plastic cup.
So now that you know we care about you just as much as we care for the environment, how can you resist us?! Get your tickets to Capital City Film Festival today! – Catherine Neal, CCFF Intern