2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

Some thoughts from our Programming Director

Photo Credit: Sam Zeller

It took me a little while to realize precisely why I love working for the
Capital City Film Festival.  I say “precisely” because the fact that
it’s great and cool and awesome is obvious.  I love sharing things with
people, much more than most people, I’d say.  Ask any of my friends.
 When I get into something, I can be downright annoying about it.  I
will not shut up until everyone I know has heard about it.  I think it
has to do with how my interests are a big part of my identity, and
sharing those things with people is an indirect way of getting to know
me.  So working for the film festival is my chance to share things I
love with ALL OF LANSING!  I guess that means a lot of people will be
getting to know me all at once.

This year’s submissions are already even better than last year’s, and by a
pretty wide margin.  After last year’s festival I set a mandate for
myself for 2012: to be overwhelmed with great submissions.  So much so
that narrowing it down to our relatively short, four-day program would
be a daunting task.  For CCFF 2011, we were open for submissions for
five months, for CCFF 2012 we received almost as many submissions in
less than 2 months!  I can already tell it’s going to be incredibly
difficult to whittle down the submissions to the limited time we have
available in our program.  Maybe I should have been careful what I
wished for last year…

I’ve already seen enough great short films to program our whole festival,
and we’re not closed for submissions yet!  The thing is, where else do
you get to see great short films?  The Internet?!  Good luck finding all
the good stuff there without wasting your whole lifetime looking.
 Besides, the stuff we get isn’t available on the Internet!  Take that,
Internet!  You thought you were so cool!

Point being, I’m so excited about this year’s Capital City Film Festival that
there is not a font large enough to properly convey my enthusiasm.  So
I’ll stick with regular size.
Dan Hartley
Programming Director, CCFF 2012