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  • Yuna’s Lunch
  • Yuna's Lunch

Yuna’s Lunch

2017 / United States / 15 Minutes / Myeong Jin Park

Film Synopsis

After a traumatic experience Yuna became a mute. Since that time, she has lived a tough life and works hard to make money and support herself. For work, she makes lunch box meals and eats the lunches with her customers. Her customers are of different ages and have different lifestyles but most are lonely and they share a feeling that there is something lacking in their life. Yuna’s job is to prepare their meals, deliver them, and then provide the human contact that they are otherwise missing. Though hesitant at first, faced with a unpaid utility bills and a very little money to live on, she accepts when Miki, her coworker, calls to ask her to pick up a customer she can’t handle. When Yuna meets Anthony, the customer, for the first time he treats her as if they are old acquaintances. As Yuna continues to deliver and eat lunches with Anthony, each meeting leads up to a trigger to Yuna’s traumatic past.