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  • Why Are You Like This

Why Are You Like This

Jessie Oldfield, Adam Murfet


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Film Synopsis

‘Why Are You Like This’ was independently produced by a young team earning their first television credits in writing, directing, producing, production design, cinematography and editing. Born from the Screen Australia and ABC Fresh Blood pilot program it was picked up by Netflix and commissioned to full series. With an entirely new set of creatives introduced into the industry, the team were able to break the bounds of convention and produce a comedy series more stylised, cinematic, naturally diverse and groundbreaking in storylines and themes.

While feeling unequivocally Australian, the series speaks to online sub-cultures and socio-political issues that connect internationally and broaden its appeal and reach beyond Australia. Fiercely voiced, the series does not shy away from topics of wealth, class, race, privilege, menstruation, LGBTQIA+, capitalism, religion and sex and sexuality – delivering in strong comedic punches without patronising the audience with earnest lesson-learning.