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  • Where’s Barry?

Where’s Barry?

2014 / Canada / 34 Minutes / Graeme Morgan/Roy Tighe

Film Synopsis

When the local factory shuts down, Tighe and Morgan move west to try their luck in Vancouver. Tighe says he’s got everything lined up, including jobs and a place to stay. Problem is, everyone knows Tighe’s a compulsive liar. Everyone except his buddy Morgan that is. Good thing the ever-elusive Barry still owes Morgan some cash. While Morgan’s looking for work and a fresh start, Tighe’s looking for the Dad that abandoned him as a child. Broke, unemployed, and no place to live, they quickly fall in with local hustler Cadillac Jack. Cadillac’s got his hands in everything, from a chain of furniture stores to illegal gambling rings. Now firmly in Cadillac’s pocket, Tighe and Morgan stumble across their old buddy AJ Files who disappeared years ago after something weird went down with his bowling coach. AJ’s all washed up. Addicted to drugs, he’s an ex-bowling champ way passed his prime. Cadillac’s been trying to orchestrate a rematch between him and his old nemesis Chris Babuik for years, but AJ wont get back on the lanes and no one knows why. Babuik is on the verge of suicide. He needs the rematch more than anyone. After Tighe intercepts and squanders the money Barry owes Morgan, it’s already too late. They’re in over their heads and can’t pay rent. Cadillac threatens their lives. AJ agrees to the re-match with Babuik. It’s the only thing that can keep Cadillac from killing the only friends he’s got.