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  • Where are you?

Where are you?

Taiwan / 4 Minutes / YING-HENG HUANG

Film Synopsis

Nessa has been passionate about clothes since she was a little girl and she always likes to draw many gorgeous clothes on the wall to put them on her own shadow. After growing up, she becomes a fashion designer. She was able to enter the fashion capital “Paris” and joined a famous fashion design company. But her personality, her clothes and everything she wore were in great contrast to the city. From the design of each season, it was obvious that the color she used and her ideas were very different from other designers. After numerous rejections from the design director, Nessa, who was originally unique, began to compromise. In the last design, she still put the bright ribbon capriciously, which was her last hope. In the end, her hopes fell along with the ribbon as it was mercilessly torn off by the director”¦