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  • When Beverly Met Reita

When Beverly Met Reita

2023 / United States / 15 Minutes / Brianna Schatt

Film Synopsis

*Content Warning: Self-Harm
Reita Green is an 87-year-old former Hollywood actress who has been wallpapering Los Angeles homes since 1960. Reita appeared in Indestructible Man (1956), Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) and A Stranger in My Arms (1959).

As her husband’s alcoholism worsened, Reita started a wallpaper business as steady work to pay the bills. Despite losing some of her family to suicide, she continued to move through life with profound sense of gratitude and optimism.

Three years ago, Reita received a call from 28-year-old Beverly Pate, looking for someone to wallpaper her home. The two instantly connected and decided to join forces as ‘the Wallpaper Queens of Los Angeles.’ Despite their age gap, they have become the best of friends.

Reita’s wallpapering business is a metaphor for the way she lives her life – though challenges arise, she gets up each morning with perseverance to seize the day and enjoy life to its fullest.