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  • Things I’ve Made My Roommate Do

Things I’ve Made My Roommate Do

2024 / United States / 8 Minutes / Mylissa Fitzsimmons

Film Synopsis

Things I’ve Made My Roommate Do
Episode 1, I’ve Parked My Car In The Friend Zone

Max and Olivia are friends and roommates. Olivia is in love with him, and despite her numerous attempts to tell him, she never follows through with it. Max, ever the hopeless romantic, always in love with someone, is oblivious to Olivia’s feelings. After months of pining away for his co -worker Samantha, Olivia convinces Max to tell her his true feelings and it has to happen now, in the middle of the night, right before she goes away for 6 months. Olivia loves Max, Max Loves Samantha, Samantha is leaving.