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  • The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot

The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot

2020 / United Kingdom / 10 Minutes / Ray Jacobs

Film Synopsis

Tom is anxious, he holds a secret in his human heart, a wing beat and a flutter and its bursting to take flight. The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot is a tale of magical realism to be witnessed and shared. It is a tale of healing, revealing how we can learn to live with the secrets of our more than human hearts. Tom Lightfoot works as a calls operator for ‘We have the Answers’. A call centre, which answers anybody’s questions about absolutely anything. Tom, is secretly studying for a PHD in bird migration but this is not Tom’s secret life, his secret is inside of him. This film is part of a series of films ‘Secret Lives’ combining the artistry and experiences of UK learning disability group ‘Arty Party, the film direction of Ray Jacobs and the writings of NYT bestselling fantasy author Jeff Vandermeer.