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  • The Boy and The Galaxy

The Boy and The Galaxy

2023 / United States / 11 Minutes / Isaac Schultz

Film Synopsis

William, a seven year old boy, sits in the principal’s office after school. While he waits for his mother, Kiara, the principal gives him a gift: a box of crayons. At home, William draws pictures of outer space while his mother prepares dinner. Suddenly the front door opens and the boy’s father, Mark, enters the house. The energy in the room shifts from relaxation to tension without any words spoken. Mark lays a hand on Kiara and expresses his frustration with dinner not being ready. The parents begin to argue. William clutches his drawing and runs to his bedroom closet. The closet is filled with astronomy toys. William hangs his drawing up on the wall, places his astronaut helmet over his head, and disappears into imagination – the drawing comes to life through animation.
The next day, William draws in the principal’s office while he waits for his mother to pick him up. She comes in in a hurry this time. When she grabs Will, the principal notices the bruise on her forehead. After the two leave, the principal grabs the phone and dials a number.
That night at the house, a CPS agent visits. The father is able to deter the agent through sweet talking. When the agent leaves, Mark lets his anger out on Kiara. William runs to his closet for refuge. He places his toy rocket on his night stand, puts on his helmet, and watches as it comes to life through animation, taking off into outer space. William’s day dream is cut short this time when his mother grabs him from the closet, explaining that they must go to grandma’s house.
In the car, a beaten and dismayed Kiara drives William through the country. After a while, they pass a break in the trees, showing a glimpse of the magnificent star scape lining the sky. William’s eyes widened. He begs and cries for his mother to stop the car. Out of frustration, Kiara slams the brakes and demands her son explain his fuss. William quickly exits the car into the dark night. Kiara runs out into the country road to find her son who is making his way to her. He tells her that she must put on his astronaut helmet. After some reluctancy, she gives in and puts it on. William pulls out a drawing from his pocket and shows her: a picture of the two of them holding hands on their own planet. They embrace each other under a blanket of stars on the side of the road.