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  • Phase Space

Phase Space

2023 / Israel / 20 Minutes / Raz Harmel

Film Synopsis

It’s the not-too-distant future. Tom, a somewhat introverted but talented guy, works as chief programmer at PixelBlast gaming studios alongside his longtime friend, Dylan, who is the creative director. PixelBlast produces immersive games that look and feel realistic. In recent years, the company has begun recycling plot points and code, and creating sequels. Tom feels that Dylan has “sold himself out” and doesn’t think they are realizing their creative potential anymore. He’s been thinking about leaving the company to satisfy himself creatively but is afraid to step out of his comfort zone.
While working on a new game sequel, Tom stumbles upon a folder with old demos that he and Dylan used to work on together. He tries to convince Dylan to change the game’s direction, but Dylan denies. As a last resort, Tom decides to stream the demos to Dylan unknowingly in the form of a simulation so that he could see that they’re great. This causes a glitch which traps Tom inside the simulation.