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  • Of Dionysus
    Of Dionysus

Of Dionysus

2021 / United States / 20 Minutes / Scott Giameo

Film Synopsis

Of Dionysus is about the experience of creating new life. The experimental drama film is arranged by intercutting four vignettes: Abraham returns to a familiar place to face his former employer, Michael; Mariella and Emily meet after a college class to hang out; Maria and Joseph have a big decision to make only weeks before their wedding; and a mysterious god-figure creates all life on earth.
“Scott Giameo’s Ambitious and Powerful Debut Film” Of Dionysus began principal photography in 2016, filming in Madison, Passaic & Roselle Park, NJ. Edited over and over again over the last 5 years.
All original music by Kevin McDaniel & Dan O’Hara