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  • Lo-tech Reality

Lo-tech Reality

2022 / Spain / 7 Minutes / Guillermo Garcia Lopez

Film Synopsis

Against the post-industrial landscape of Detroit, visitors arrive from the sky in search of knowledge. They find nothing but traces of civilization, and a coded transmission between the images and sounds of the city.

In Detroit, the emptiness evokes a dream from the past: the capitalist dream of Fordism derived in a Lo-Tech nightmare. Its streets, their scale unbalanced in relation to the life on them, and its abandoned industrial structures, reflect the possibility of a programming failure in capitalism in the heart of its Mecca, the United States. Now, more than ever, after witnessing how images that belong to future dystopian worlds have become a reality during confinement, the empty spaces are a reminder of our fragility. But, camouflaged in the empty space, there are forms of resilience that want to electrify the Inner City with Hi-Tech dreams from Lo-Tech realities.