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2022 / Taiwan / 6 Minutes / Wei-Zhu Hong

Film Synopsis

“King Boat started the procession ceremony after the shipwright finished it. Starting from the street, King Boat followed the floating paper money to a surreal world. King Boat passed by the sunflower field and came to Fire Mountain. The carp surrounding King Boat turned into flames. Back in the real world, the crowd stared at King Boat was burned up in the fire.
The original meaning of burning King Boat is dispelling plague or something terrible, but now it has become the activity that prays for peace and prosperity. The change of scenes and weather symbolizes each person’s experience. Finally, King Boat sailed smoothly, representing the end of the epidemic, and the sailors symbolized the first-line medical staff and those who lost their lives. I hope to remind the audience that no matter what life is like now, there is still full of hope for the future.”