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  • Last Winter

Last Winter

2023 / United States / 19 Minutes / Nick Sly




Film Synopsis

Prompted by his roommate, Ray’s sudden decision to move away, screenwriter Michal is faced with the bleak prospect of his own future, for maybe the first time. Unable to sleep, haunted by an unseen force in his closet, Michal turns his attention back to his story. Eventually going outside for a break, where he stumbles on a strange forest. Drawn to it, he traverses the cold forest, feeling the eyes of someone, something watching him. Resting under the largest tree in the forest, he wakes up and it’s close to dark. He returns home to find that Ray is gone and not picking up his phone either. He discovers his own doppelgänger living in his home, living his ideal life. Biding time, Michal checks his story to see if he can learn anything from it, eventually being forced to retreat into his closet, hiding from his Double. When Ray calls back, his Double answers and Michal watches himself catch up with his old friend. The Double then spots something in his closet, approaches it to find NO ONE in there. He ends the call with his old friend, expressing simply that he misses him. We then are back with Michal, waking up under the big tree, he goes home and we see him take the first steps into becoming that person he just witnessed himself.