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  • Wild & Precious

Wild & Precious

2013 / USA / 18 Minutes / Cusi Cram




Film Synopsis

In this dark-ensemble comedy, a family’s deep dysfunction and buried affections are slowly revealed over the course of an afternoon before a funeral. Sparks fly when Enid (Phyllis Somerville) arrives for her ex-husband’s service. Enid storms off and everyone, including her much younger boyfriend, her antagonistic daughters and their puzzled husbands are either too exhausted or afraid to try and console her. None of this sits well with Leah (Sam Schuder), the youngest member of the clan. Leah faces her fears and confronts her terrifying grandmother. Leah asks Enid the questions no one has ever dared ask —and the answers prove to be a small revelation.

Wild & Precious Trailer from cusi cram on Vimeo.